People Against Violence Org. is a newly established non-profit organization with offices in Canada and the U.S. that was founded in 2014 to prevent violence and assist victims worldwide. We offer free services to those who sign up as members, including self-defense courses and alternative accommodations. A major component of our organization is our Protection Program, which includes helpful resources such as our uAlert mobile app. Through this app, we have developed a very unique way to facilitate emergency response to victims of violence and we believe that our program will save thousands of lives. For more information about our app or our services, refer to the buttons below.


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You do not need to be a victim to join this programme. The idea to to prevent violence from happening to you or a loved one. We also encourage you to use our services if you ever witness an act of violence. Anyone can join and benefit from our free services. We aim to prevent men, women, children and animals.

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