About Us

An Organization that takes real action.


We are a non-profit organization with the goal to end violence of all kind. We seek to protect men, women, children and animals from harm. Our purpose is to not only bring awareness to domestic violence, but also teach you how to defend yourself in unforeseen situations, help you pick up on warning signs of verbal or other types of abuse, and provide you with real protection when you join.

Founded on November 7, 2014, the “Protection Program” was developed with the victim in mind. The idea was to be able to provide an emergency response system that would be fast and efficient, that could save the victim from danger and capture his/her abuser. We can help you deal with violent situations and help you be prepared for anything. Visit our Program page to understand why our products and free services are crucial for you and your family’s safety. Let us become your protection and prevention plan. Join our “Protection Program” at no charge and should you ever require our services, know that help is on the way.

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Founder & CEO

Nafsika AntypasBorn in Montreal, Canada, Nafsika was, as a little girl, quite protective over women’s rights and stood her ground from a young age. She believed that women, men, children and animals deserved the same respect and that if you really try, you could achieve anything. In four years, she managed to graduate from Concordia University with a B.A. major in English Literature and a cluster is Marketing, obtained three certificates in Marketing, Advertising and Graphics all the while working as a part-time English teacher and in Marketing and administration at her father’s international food importing business, Pilaros Inc.

Nafsika always felt like everyone’s life had purpose and hers was to leave a positive impact in the world.

She worked voluntarily at local charities and fundraisers and assisted foundations with monetary and gift donations. She served on the Board of a local charitable organization called the Hellenic Ladies Benevolent Society.

But one day, after hours of reviewing videos of acts of violence posted on the web, she got angry; that no real assistance was being provided to the victim. And so she came up with a plan. The plan would rely heavily on the mobile app she designed and together with the other services she would offer, at no charge to the member, this would potentially help put an end to violence. Many scenarios were taken into consideration in implementing this programme. It is most likely the best and fastest way to get help in a time of need. Visit the Programme page for more info.

She hopes that her program will affect many lives in a positive way and change the meaning to term, “fights like a girl.”