Emergency Response

With the purchase of the mobile app, the user/victim is able to send an immediate alert to our Center, to his/her emergency contacts and to the local police.

Your Location is Tracked

Because you will be using the very crucial app system (see app page), we will be able to track you down ( with your pre-approved authorization of course ) to your precise location using your phone’s gps. So you won’t have to worry about contacting us, your emergency contacts or even the police because they will all get contacted automatically and simultaneously. A message will confirm receipt of alert.

There are 2 levels of alert buttons. Here who gets your notification:

    Orange Alert (Medium):

  1. Our Center
  2. Your emergency contacts

    Red Alert (High):

  1. Our Center
  2. Your emergency contacts
  3. The local police

> Different circumstances may or may not require police intervention.

On-Site Assistance

When an alert is sent to the center, a SQUAD team member is assigned to your on-site location. His primary job is to diffuse the situation and provide security to the victim.

Our SQUAD team members are trained law enforcement professionals or trained in the security and protection field and know how to deal with domestic and any other type of violence.

This on-site service by a SQUAD member may NOT be available in all regions. However, since we have all of your personal information on file, we are in the best position to properly assess your situation and assist the local authorities.