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How to Look and Feel Your Best by Making Small Changes to Your Routine

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by Jennifer Scott

Do you feel like each day is the same? And you are slowly losing motivation to do even the simplest of things? That is the mundanity of life kicking in. So let’s look at how you can turn things around and look forward to experiencing each day.


Clean Your House

If you are living in constant uncertainty, cleaning will help regulate your thoughts and develop a sense of control over your environment. As cleaning is an activity involving repetitive action, it promotes mindfulness and has a calming effect.

Something even as simple as making your bed in the morning has shown to promote a sense of self-accomplishment and increase productivity. Other useful cleaning activities include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dish Washing
  • Cleaning Windows

Living and working in a clean environment will increase focus, confidence and make you feel happier.


Start a Hobby

Nothing helps overcome the mundane like a hobby. Each of us has that one activity we love to do, which in the cycle of working and hustling has been removed from our daily life. It’s time to bring it back. You could be a writer who loves to ramble their thoughts on paper or a movie enthusiast always looking for amazing films to watch.

According to Connect Health, individuals who engage regularly in hobbies enjoy better moods, less stress, and lower heart rates. Additionally, a hobby will make you disconnect from work, stressors and put you in a positive state of mind, helping you feel your best.


Exercise Daily

With stress, your body’s natural response is to tense your muscles leading to headaches, muscle cramps, stomach pain, and more uncomfortable sensations. Often this leads to even more stress, starting a painful cycle that exercise can help prevent.


A prominent reason being the release of endorphins that exercise promotes. Endorphins are commonly known as the “feel-good” hormone which results in the upliftment of mood and makes us feel energetic and happy.

Additionally, regular exercise has long-term mental and physical health benefits too:

  • An increase in serotonin levels helping the brain to regulate appetite and sleep cycle
  • Reduction in cholesterol levels and risk of heart attacks
  • Promoting the growth of muscles along with making bones and joints stronger
  • Keeping your weight in check


Dress Up for Yourself

According to Nutritious Life, there is a strong connection between what you wear and your mood, based on two factors: color and fabric.

The color of your clothing can have the following effects:

  • Bright colors such as yellow promote happiness and make you feel energetic
  • Wearing black instills a sense of control and authority
  • Red is the go-to color to feel attractive and confident especially during social gatherings

Additionally, wearing clothes of high-quality fabric provide the added benefits:

  • Soft fabrics such as cotton and wool promote a carefree nature helping to overcome stress
  • Smooth fabrics such as silk are known to have mood-enhancing effects

Whether you are in the comfort of your home or going outdoors, invest time in deciding what to wear. This will increase your confidence and impress others with your amazing dressing sense.


Make a Career Change

If your job is the primary source of mundanity and stress in your life, it’s time to take your career in a different direction. You can apply for jobs in your field or venture out to other streams to take on new challenges. Additionally, it is also a good idea to supplement your job search with a masters degree, here’s why:

  • You will increase your earning potential
  • You will develop expertise in your field
  • You can learn new skills demanded by employers such as programming, UI/UX design, and more to supplement your experience

Pursuing your degree online will provide you with a flexible study schedule and a plethora of specializations such as – business, psychology, cybersecurity, healthcare, and more! Ensure to review your institution’s accreditations and compare tuition rates before enrolling.

Feeling and looking your best depends on each small decision you make daily. Prioritizing your wellbeing will allow you to feel happier, be productive and keep stress at bay.


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